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Deceived By Darkness

In the beginning of my life, I had no clue what I was doing and why things were working out the way they were. I was intuitive. I dreamt things. I saw spirits. In my businesses, I was the girl with all the answers. Why and how, I had no clue, but I went with it. Too bad I chose the dark path—I like to call it the wrong side. Since I was young, I would see dark spirits by my bed; I would have nightmares and sleepwalk. It was very bad, and I had no idea why, but it just continued to happen. Up until my thirties, I would see this spirit: he was dark and tall; he had a black hat and black trench coat and would stand by my bed. I would be terrified, sweat would pour down my back, and I would feel paralyzed with fear. It was terrible! It is important to realize that the darkness has a playbook, but they will always tell you what they are doing or will show you what they are doing. I have been told people don’t want to live in truth; we don’t want to hear it; we want to live in a bubble. Recently, someone said to me, “No one wants to walk into a ring with a fighter; no one wants to willingly get in and fight!” I then was reminded of David and Goliath. David backslid and made mistakes his whole life, but was genuine in his repentance and took what God was dishing out to him every time! He learned what God wanted from him, who He was, and how He was going to deal with David. Forgiveness, truth, and accepting responsibility are the building blocks in our journey with God.

“For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV).

As Christians, we all have a calling and even anointing. I believe mine is to fight in spiritual warfare! Fighting the demons—Demon Slayer I like to call myself! Some people have to wear glasses to see better, near or far. What happens if I told you I have spiritual glasses, God’s glasses for discerning of spirits? I know I am not the only one that hears voices, and at times know what people think. I feel spirits around me, I dream and see things. I have learned that I get warnings; I get insight in my dreams. Now, not all dreams were warnings, but once I learned the purpose they were being shown to me, my dreams have saved me from mistakes. My question for you, how far and how much time are you willing to go to find truth, your truth, the truth that lives around you? If you just don’t “fit in,” I believe it is because God made you for His unique reason. Embrace it! Why fit in when you can embrace how God has made you and walk with him? People say the best warrior is the warrior that used to be the monster we have fought against! I accept that; I accept that we are all human, and we are all sinners. ALL OF US! So, stop pointing fingers and look in the mirror. Start there, and DECEIVED BY DARKNESS III see what God has for you. This is my story, and I am going to share with you the whole truth, because I know many of you believe you are all alone and have lost hope! There is an answer; I guarantee it!

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Deceived By Darkness - Kindle

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From a fellow Jezebel Spirit Victim:

Now in no case have I ever been able to convince myself of situations I have been a victim to. This one however, speaks in my head and has since before I had any control over what was in my head. Deceived gave me chills when reading of the ties that bind me. Claudine's story is one where I can relate in so many ways and reading these pages let me understand I am not alone and also that there is a solution to the situations and patterns in my life that have tormented me and so many others.  To hear and watch Claudine's journey from darkness to light has been an inspiration.  If she can conquer so can I.

Rebecca McGlasson

I just finished reading "Deceived by Darkness". Claudine's transparency and brutal honesty of how generational darkness sent her life into a tailspin is riveting. She exposed calculated antics of the enemy that many of us toy with everyday to the point of being rocked to sleep by sipping the Kool-aide of his clever deception. Claudine shares her transformation and how God has miraculously delivered her from generations of witchcraft, guilt, shame and lust. Where sin abounds, His grace abounds even more. Her gift of prophecy along with her genuine heart is now a conduit for God's Spirit to deliver people bound in deception. I've known this beautiful lady for 8 years and have seen God develop her passion to teach us to arm our souls, to fight and battle for our spiritual freedom. It's ours to take, we must take it by force! This is a must read!

Sherry Woodard Founder/Director The Ty Project