God of Israel I call upon you today and everyday as you are my refuge and my fortress and my God in whom I trust ❤️you are the light that guides my steps and the voice that strengthens my soul! You cover me with your wings of faith , knowledge and truth when I call upon you🙏🏻my love grows stronger everyday for you and by you! How deep is my faith !? As deep as the ocean and as far as the sky will reach 🔥I have no limits in the Lord and with the Love of our God and the Fear in the Lord I am unstoppable !! Thank you Lord God Jesus Christ 🙏🏻the Holy Spirit moves like fire and reigns with a strong hand as I thank you for every trial u put me through and for giving me
Every VICTORY within those trials !! Amen ❤️❤️❤️
Religious man kneeling at the pew in the Church and praying with hands clasped

I want you God of Israel to deliver me from Spirits and demons of ___________________ any traps and snares the devil has laid out ! Through the blood of Jesus and the lamb of God guide my steps and clear my mind completely of all spirits and demons ______________! I declare and decree LIFE AND VICTORY in every situation in my life ____________. I believe in the Shield of faith and the Laws of God now. Angels of the Lord let my eyes of enlightenment be open and aware of the answers you have for me Now . I expect direction and truth from the Holy Spirit !! Amen 🙏🏻

Dear Heavenly Father . We come to you for our deliverance from every deadly Pestilence of ____________. God of Israel your promise comes to us in Psalm 91:5-6 you will not be afraid of the Pestilence that stalks in darkness. I take my shield of faith and come against and take authority in the mighty name Of Jesus Christ against every Pestilence that is against me now __________. Faith is believing what Jesus Christ has done on the Cross for us and I stand in that promise now! I am protected by the blood of Jesus and believe it! I command you to flee my body Now and never to return Body, mind , heart and soul is bound and sealed by the blood covenant of our Lord God Jesus Christ!!Amen in Victory ❤️